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History of the Organization

                   Theni Social Rehabilitation and Development Trust –TESORDT is a humble initiative Mr. K. Murugesan, M.A., hailed from an ordinary family, always cherished a better dream not only for himself but for his immediate surroundings that are marked by poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, caste discrimination etc. During the course of his study, he noticed that most of the rural population continued to be enslaved by other forms of oppression like abject poverty, caste rivalry, religious bigotry and social exclusion of persons with disabilities etc. The pathetic state of the rural areas, where few enjoyed all the comforts  while most suffered physical and mental deprivation, made a group of committed and dedicated social workers to come together  and began a battle against the forces of injustice, social exclusion and exploitation that kept the masses downtrodden. So, on completion of his study, Mr. K. Murugesan in close association and cooperation with a group of dedicated social workers promoted Theni social Rehabilitation and Development Trust in the year 2002. Since inception, it has been engaged in the intervention for the development and empowerment of persons with disabilities in the society. Now it is a people-based service organization, has been extending a helping hand to the poorest of the poor  especially Persons with disabilities through implementing welfare-oriented and developmental programs so that they may be able to receive and taste the fruits of these programs, the things that were denied to them and kept beyond their reach.

                Theni Social Rehabilitation and Development Trust is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-political and non-religious organization based at Vayalpatty, veerapandi post in Theni District in the State of Tamil Nadu. 

Aims & Objectives of the Organization

  1. To organize seminars, conference, workshop and other such meetings and activities related to economic empowerment and social uplift of women, persons with disabilities poor.

  2. To work for the welfare of persons with disability through appropriate actions and to rehabilitate them through imparting skill training & initiating Income generation activities

  3. To run Special School for the Mentally Retarded children, Early Intervention center for Cerebral palsy Children

  4. To motivate the Persons with disabilities women and socially-excluded segments of the society to actualize their rights through various means and ways.

  5. To reduce the menace of poverty among the rural poor and build appropriate infrastructure through various rural development strategies.

  6. To increase the income and income earning capacities of the target people especially persons with disabilities, women/Girls through imparting skills required for involving in income generation activities with the collective efforts of various stakeholders.

  7. To eliminate child labor in the target area and providing rehabilitation measures for the overall development of children to build as the pillar of the Nation in the future.

  8. To empower women (Rural Poor, marginalized, disadvantaged), persons with disabilities through various kinds of socio-economic and cultural interventions, developmental programs, capacity building actions, forming their own associations in the form of Self Help Groups etc. to play their due role in the overall development process.

  9. To reduce waterborne diseases by ensuring the availability of protected water for all the people in the target area through collective actions of possible stakeholders.

  10. To facilitate the creation of comprehensive sanitary facilities in the target area for leading a healthy life.

  11. To reduce the incidence of STD/HIV/AIDS infection through awareness, prevention strategies and other means in the target area.

  12. To reduce the problems in Reproductive Child Health through health care and awareness education.

  13. To create a clean, healthy and uncontaminated environment for the community through appropriate ways and means

  14.  To conserve Bio-diversity to mitigate the climate change – Global warming to ensure safety to the humanity

  15. To promote adoption of new innovations in agriculture say Organic Farming,.

  16. To run homes for the Aged people, Mentally retarded persons, destitute, orphans and widows

Our People / Board of Management

  Theni Social Rehabilitation and Development Trust-TESORDT are governed by 6 Trustees who is responsible for the management of the organization and its activities. The Board of trustees may cooperate each other and to decide accordingly to undertake the day-to-day activities of the organization. The chairman and Financial Trustee or any one of the trustees as may be decided by the Board are empowered to sign all the documents, statements and other records for the furtherance of the objectives of the trust as and when necessary and as may be decided by the Board.  The Board may be reconstituted or as and when necessary as may be decided by the General Body members.

        The Board of Trustees of the organization is empowered to meet regularly once in 3 months or as may be decided by the Executive Committee to decide on the activities of the organization and to take appropriate actions to actualize the objectives of the organization. The Chairman of the organization is authorized to preside over the meeting. In his absence, the Financial Trustee or any one of the Trustees of the organization as may be decided by the General Body will preside over the board meeting.

       The Board of Trustees are empowered to mobilize funds, receive contribution in cash or in-kind as may be decided by the Board in the Board meeting. And also, they are empowered to purchase movable or immovable properties for the furtherance of the objectives of the organization.

     The Board of Trustees shall be responsible for the effective management of the affairs of the Trust and all its activities and may from time to time frame rules, by-laws and amend rules & by-laws and clauses as may deemed fit and necessary. 

       All the Trustees are committed, dedicated social workers who have adequate experience and skills to manage the affairs of the trust and all its activities in a comprehensive way.   


Association & Partnership

In collaboration and cooperation with the following Agencies and Individual donors, we have implemented all our programs for the welfare and development of the Differently-abled persons in our target villages.

  1. Commissioner of Rehabilitation, Department of Disability Affairs, Government of Tamil Nadu

  2. District differently-abled (Disabled) Rehabilitation  Officer, Theni District, Government of Tamil Nadu

  3. District Administration, Theni District

  4. Local banks

  5. Local Philanthropists, Likeminded people and well-wishers

  6. Tamilnadu corporation for the  development of  women Ltd –mahalir thittam

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