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Special School and Early  intervention centre for Mentally Retarded Children 

It is noticed that the mentally-retarded children are unable to take care of themselves or to think about them and do not know what to do, and do not know how to express their feelings and create relationship with others and alike. So, we have established a Special School for the mentally-retarded children and accommodated them. We have appointed Special Education Teachers and provided proper education to them. As psychotherapy is appropriate in a wide range of conditions, we have appointed one Physiotherapist and provided them psychotherapy treatment which helps them to encourage the expression of feelings and helps them for problems solving that would help the MR persons to think in different ways and their experience that would have resulted in their improvement of behavior and feelings. Apart from this, the teachers have been teaching the persons with disabilities to improve aspects of interpersonal relationship such as overcoming social isolation and responding in a less habitual way. And also, we have been providing nutritious food and medical checkup at regular intervals.

During the course of our intervention in our target villages, we have witnessed that the children with Cerebral palsy have been experiencing lack of care and protection, lack of health care and nutritious food. So, we have established Early Intervention Center with the financial support of Commissioner of Rehabilitation, Government of Tamil Nadu/District differently-abled Rehabilitation Officer in the year 2015. Under this scheme, we have been imparting training to the parents of the children also on how to engage in infant stimulation at home including fortnightly visits to a physiotherapist since parents are the main caregivers to their children. We have been involving in training the infants/young children with cerebral palsy on movement skills –Motor skills. And also, we have been involving in improving their ability to roll over, sit independently, stand, walk and use their hands to play and learning. This Early Intervention program is being carried out with the consultation and advice of the Special teachers, Physiotherapists and occupational Therapists. 

vision & Mission



    Sustainable holistic transformation of the poor, marginalized, disadvantaged and socially excluded thereby specifically persons with disabilities envisaging a just and fair

   To empower the poor and the marginalized especially persons with disabilities  providing them access to education, finance, health services and to explore the fullest human potential by creating opportunities for sustainable development and holistic transformation

Overall Goal

       Helping in development and empowerment of weaker and vulnerable segments of the society including special groups of persons with disabilities to raise their standard of life, to increase their gainful resources and integrate them into the mainstream society with equal socio-economic status.

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